Definition of chemicals
Chemicals are substances that have a fixed chemical composition and properties. The components of chemical substances cannot be identified using physical separation methods without breaking down the elements...

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What are the physical and chemical properties?
Matter is defined as something that has mass and occupies space. Just as a person is described by his unique characteristics such as height, skin color, body shape, etc.; Matter also has physical and chemical...

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Chemical hazards
Flammable substances Flammable substances are often in the form of aerosols (small liquid particles dispersed in the air), gas, liquid or solid. In most laboratories, gases, liquids and solids are more...

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Flammable materials
Flammable chemicals are substances that ignite spontaneously in air (temperature below 40 degrees Celsius). Flammable materials are generally reactive with water, and in case of contact with water or moist...

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